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<strong><em>Exceptional SEO Expert -Worldwide</em></strong>

SEO Expert and SEO Consultant for any language and field: Everywhere

My name is Said Benrida. I am a Very Open-Minded SEO Expert and SEO Manager since 2004. My experience of 11 years in this field allows me to deliver top quality SEO services during the last years in any language and any field; and also for any number of keywords you need.
Here is my offer:
• 1 search phrase including a city or region name is at $20/month.
• 1 search phrase including a country name is at $50/month.
• 1 generic search phrase or keyword is at $100/month.

The prices are negotiable!
There are exceptional prices for less competitive keywords and long lists of keywords, just ask!
The Goal is to figure in the first page of Google (local or international).
Need a Proof? Ask me to send you the file “proof.docx”!
My assets:
1. I limit the number of my clients to 10 per search phrase or keyword to honor my engagement.
2. You can choose to hire me only for one search phrase or keyword.
3. You have no engagement: you can stop paying me at any time you notice no improvement.
4. Permanent contact by Skype, email and phone.
5. Monthly Ranking report delivered to your email address.
6. Make the payment directly to my US or Moroccan Bank Account, Skrill, Payoneer or any suitable method.
Secure your search phrase or keyword now by contacting me by email and explaining me your SEO needs.
Said Benrida
Tel: +212 690 99 66 70
Skype: live:saidref

SEO Expert and SEO Consultant for any number of keywords: Everywhere

<strong><em>Great SEO Professional -Worldwide</em></strong>

Get the best results in the top 10 of Google. Contact me for your SEO projects and enjoy the best results. I am SEO Expert since 2004.

Are you dreaming of getting high ranking in the top 10 of Google? Now it's possible and guaranteed. Contact me soon! I am a professional SEO Manager since 2004!

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